Trainer Compatability

Our Realplates now have fixings for the Neo, Kickr, Elite Drivo, Kickr Snap, Kickr Core, Cycleops Hammer, Kickr bike & Tacx Flux but most current trainers will fit on the plate and some will operate without being fixed but if you need to secure your trainer its very simple to drill holes and affix yourself.

Tacx Neo

Wahoo Kickr

Elite Drivo

Cycleops Hammer

Kickr Bike

Kickr Core

The following models are now compatible with all Realplate's but it is large enough to accommodate most current trainers & Kickr Climb & Bike

  • Bkool Pro
  • Cycleops Hammer/Saris
  • Elite Direto
  • Elite Drivo Direct
  • Elite Quobo
  • Elite Turbomuin
  • Elite Volano
  • Minoura Kagura
  • Saris H3
  • Tacx Bluematic
  • Tacx Flow
  • Tacx Fortius
  • Tacx Genius
  • Tacx Neo (all)
  • Kickr Bike
  • Wahoo Kickr
  • Wahoo Kickr Core
  • Wahoo Kickr Snap
  • Watt Bike Atom

Select your version at checkout or please advise us of your trainer.