Realplate+ Spin - Peloton, Echelon, Nordictrack, Wattbike, Stages etc


Available for most new indoor smart bikes such as Peloton, Echelon, Wattbike, Neo bike, Stages and Nordictrack etc.

The Realplate will really enhance your training by adding a sense of realism, comfort and core muscle engagement to add an extra element to your smart bike training. The Realplate enables you to train for harder longer or purely make the journey more enjoyable.

A Further update to the ever popular Coated model includes more slots at the front end to secure your bike as well as new carry handles to enable simpler movement of the Realplate.

The latest model in the range consists of the same high-quality performance of the Realplate+ but with a new look. Quality 18mm Birch plywood is coated with a Phenolic finish. This is an extremely hard-wearing waterproof material. Everything else is the same as the ever-popular Realplate+.

The new full-length rocker system is built to an extremely high specification including 18mm Birch ply plates with 5 x 50mm rubber isolation mounts with adjustable inflatable bladders to manage the lean angles of the system, these can be inflated/deflated to suit your own preferences. Other great touches include in-built levelling system, nonslip feet and non slip surface. We even include a pump!

Each Realplate comes with a 12 Month manufacturer guarantee (not including wear & tear). Features Velcro fastening to secure your smart bike to the plate.

A spare bladder along with a mini pump and needle are included.

The Realplate smart bike is just 605mm at its widest and 1340mm long and 86mm high. 

Now shipping to Europe, Australia & USA.