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What is a Rocker plate?
A Rocker plate is a device that allows your turbo trainer set up to move around beneath you as it does on the road. Our Realplate's relieves stress not only on you but also your very precious bike. You would not normally want to use your valuable road bike on a turbo but with a rocker plate you don't need to worry. The other major benefit is the overall comfort and realism of the turbo ride when using a Rocker plate. With a much more natural side to side  and for/aft movement possible, climbing and out of the saddle sprinting become more realistic and road like. The Realplate rocker plate allows much more movement around therefore easing the pressure on you and your bike.
What is a Rocker plate
Who are TurboRocks?
Cycling today is not just about spending hours on the road but an increasingly amount of time on the turbo. Using a smart trainer you now find yourself "Zwifting" or climbing Col's in Fulgaz as much as riding on the road. We wanted to improve this experience and started hearing about Rocker plates way back in 2017 and after researching found that there were very few suppliers both here in the UK & Europe, let alone the rest of the world. We design, manufacturer and supply a quality product range that has grown over the years. Be part of the phenomenon that's sweeping the turbo training world right now with your own Rocker plate.
Who are TurboRocks
How does it work?
The Realplate's are a British designed and manufactured rocker plate for indoor turbo trainers. The trainer is fixed to the top plate and the Rocker plate moves around beneath you and this replicates riding on the road. This rocking allows for realistic side to side bike motion while minimizing the stresses on your frame which is synonymous with indoor training. This combination allows for a harder, longer session before fatigue cuts in. Rocker plate's also help engage different muscle groups, particularly the core.
How does it work
How are they made?
We begin with an 18mm piece of top quality Birch hardwood ply board which is cut using the latest CNC digital machining ensuring accuracy and precision. We attach both the top and bottom plates together using our rock and roll mechanism's. This allows the boards to rock and slide in a smooth motion. Either side are inflatable bladders that act as the cushioning, these can be moved and adjusted to suit your own style. The more air you insert, the firmer the cushioning and the less the lean becomes. With the Stealth version we paint the boards in a hard wearing, sweat resistant paint, cover the whole top board in non-slip rubberised covering and fix bubble levels for your adjustment. We then include fixings for your style of trainer along with easy to follow instructions.
How are they made